Natural Partners company cultureCompany culture is a buzz phrase for many businesses these days. Defining who you are as a company through a mission statement and a values statement is becoming more prevalent. These values not only outline how employees are expected to treat their customers, but also how they are expected to treat each other.

While most companies are writing their cultural values down or discussing them openly within the company, many find it hard to allow the culture to grow organically. Instead, most companies end up attempting to force a corporate culture that doesn’t work. Employees are often told what culture should mean to them instead of being involved in the creation of the culture themselves. Natural Partners is the first place I’ve ever worked where the culture is not just preached, but practiced actively by employees with little to no need for oversight by management.

When’s the last time you gave a fellow employee that doesn’t work in your department a gift, just because you knew they’d like it? Or the last time you ate lunch, prepared by the company chef, together as a company? What about the last time your company held a prom to recognize and celebrate its employees? At Natural Partners, we call these random acts of awesomeness W.O.O. or “winning others over.” When we W.O.O. each other, it encourages us to W.O.O. our customers on a daily basis.

At Natural Partners, caring about our customers goes a step further. If we find out one of our customers is in need, the entire company bands together to find a way to help. We consider everyone who works with us to be family. In the time I’ve worked here (about 8 months) I’ve seen, heard and participated in more projects to help others than in the rest of my working career. You may think this attitude of helping is just about the bottom line, but you’d be wrong. The amount of business a customer brings us is never a deciding factor in whether or not we’ll help. There are many instances where we have helped people who don’t even have an account with us, and have no potential of opening one. Ultimately, it comes down to our 10 core values:

  • Treat Others As They Would Like To Be Treated
  • Work With a Sense of Integrity at All Times
  • Teamwork and Cooperation Describe How Natty P Gets the Job Done
  • Work on W.O.O. (Winning Others Over) and Provide Excellence in Customer Service
  • Constantly Grow and Learn
  • Innovate
  • Create a Positive Company Atmosphere
  • Be Bigger Than Our Business
  • Find a Way to Create a Healthy Environment
  • Embrace Positive Change

The great thing about these core values is that they were created by employees, for employees. If you read that list and aren’t inspired to be a better person every day you come to work, Natural Partners isn’t the place for you. But if you read those values and are nodding your head at each one, like I did, then you already are a Natty P at heart. Company culture only works when everyone in the company is invested in it and willing to live and breathe it every day. We are Natural Partners not just in name, but in our mindset, attitude and work ethic. Our core values drive the company forward.

Sean Penxa, Marketing Assistant, Natural Partners
(I’m on the far left in the photo up top. We were all dressing up as Tye, our CEO, who is frequently seen with his little dog, Bella.)