Fall is almost here and besides pumpkin spice everything and breaking out those warmer clothes you have been missing, fall also means cold and flu season. To keep your immune system fighting the good fight, consider spending a little extra time with Fido this year.

Good Germs-

Pets help us develop good bacteria colonies in our own microbiomes which in turn fight off the bad bugs. The University of Arizona is currently conducting a long-term study on specifically which strains from pets and their saliva benefit us the most. So next time man’s best friends licks your face, don’t freak out.


In studies, pets have shown they can help people increase their mood, decrease feelings of loneliness, and decrease stress because interacting with them actually lowers our cortisol (stress hormone) levels. An immune system under stress is more susceptible to infection and disease, so make sure you get plenty of time with your fur babies to relax and play.

Allergy Prevention in Children-

Research has shown that children raised around pets have less allergies in adulthood. This is because their immune systems are exposed early on to pet dander and dirt. This is consistent with the hygiene hypothesis where we essentially are making children’s environments too clean, in turn their immune systems do not get a chance to develop proper antibodies to cope with allergies and other pathogens later on in life.

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