Dr. Skowron has been a naturopathic pediatric physician for almost 15 years and works in office with children and their families. The majority of Dr. Skowron’s practice is with children with Autism and ADHD. Our doctors discuss the 5 major subtypes that children on the spectrum of autism can generally fit into. Through these groups, it helps doctors develop more effective treatments and assessments of the individual.

The first two subtypes are opposites, under-methylators and over-methylators. Under-methylators are do not produce enough chemicals in their brains where we see low levels of seratonin and dopamine which influences their lack of language and anxious behaviors. Often these kids are sensory seekers always looking for input, bouncing around, watching TV, wanting hugs, etc. and respond well to supplementation with methyl B vitamins, amino acids, 5-HTP, gaba, and sometimes tyrosine.

On the other side the over-methylators make way too much adrenaline, are angry, don’t sleep well, are aggressive and need help metabolizing adrenaline to calm down. Inositol, lithium orotate, taurine, gaba, and theanine are all helpful in helping regulate this brain chemistry.

Recognizing these types by testing the child’s biology are the first steps. For group 3, we have the inattentive or sluggish. Usually these children are unmotivated, hypotonia (low muscle tone), frequent constipation, so things just aren’t “moving” in multiple aspects. These kids are usually very low in dopamine, so we supplement with tyrosine to help dopamine production. Mitochondrial dysfunction is usually a factor and very prevalent in autism. Dr. Skowron treats this with ATP supplementation.

Type number 4 usually includes children who are anxious and nervous. Anxiety can be a huge symptom regardless of their bigger diagnosis. Children who have transitional anxiety are a part of this group and is seen frequently in children with ADHD because of a fear of the unknown. When they’re scared and worried about what’s happening next, kids are not going to be focused at school. This can be seen in kids who have a hard time going from point A to point B, whether it’s from home to school or tablet to no tablet. To treat this type, supplementing with high doses of gaba and licorice (to help boost cortisol levels) can be very helpful.

Type number 5 is the “yeasty” type. This includes people prone to intestinal yeast infections and with autism, frequently immune function can be impaired because of gastrointestinal dysfunction. Interesting yeast symptoms in kids can translate to inappropriate laughter, bad breath, red ring around the anus, spastic movement, big bloated belly and behavioral worsening around full and new moons. To treat this, using probiotics, antimicrobial herbs and prebiotics.

Using these classifications to help treat the specific individuals can make a huge impact on the overall health and behavior of kids. Working with a physician who is willing to dive deeper and not just prescribe OTC drugs and stimulant prescriptions can make a lasting life-long impact and even recovery for many children.

Dr. Jared M. Skowron has been working with children with Autism and ADHD for over fifteen years. He specializes in using natural, non-pharmaceutical therapies to support healthy neurological development. These natural treatments support healthy language development, calm behavior, normal sensory function, regular sleep patterns, emotional stability, and improved memory for children with Autism and ADHD. Dr. Skowron also authored the Amazon best-selling book 100 Natural Remedies For Your Child. Dr. Skowron is a leading innovator in the realm of natural health solutions for children with Autism and ADHD and lectures internationally, educating parents about how natural therapies can help their children reach their full potential. As the creator of Spectrum Awakening, Dr. Skowron aims to benefit all families and children with the same supplement supports for Autism and ADHD that he uses in his private practice. He serves on the Editorial Board of Natural Practitioner magazine and on the advisory board of Autism Hope Alliance, NeuroNeeds, and Chemo & Crayons. He can be regularly seen on his local NBC news station in Connecticut where he serves as their Natural Medicine consultant.

Dr. Holly Lucille, ND, RN serves as the President of California Association of Naturopathic Physicians. Dr. Lucille works at the Los Angeles Free Clinic providing health education, promotion and prevention. Dr. Lucille serves as a Naturopathic physician, an expert on women’s health issues. In her private practice, Healing from Within Healthcare in Los Angeles, California, she specializes in Women’s Wellness. She has extensive education in various modalities, including homeopathy, clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, body and energy work and mind body and lifestyle counseling. She serves as a Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of PhytoPharmica Inc. She serves as a Member of Scientific Advisory Board at EuroPharma, Inc. She serves as a Member of Medical Advisory Board at Integrative Therapeutics, Inc. She served as Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Enzymatic Therapy, Inc. She serves as Member of Naturopathic Scientific Advisory Committee at Kamedis Bio Herbal Skincare. She is the recipient of the 2004 Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine Legacy Award recognizing her incredible service and contributions to the naturopathic medical community. She is a Registered Nurse. Dr. Lucille has Doctorate from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine where she received the ‘Daphne Blayden’ award for her ‘Commitment to Naturopathic Medicine.

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