Hair Skin and Nails at Natural Partners

When it comes to our beloved pets, we do everything we can to ensure they are sporting a shiny “coat.” So shouldn’t we give the same care to ourselves? 2014 is a great year to make a pact to get healthy hair, skin and nails.
At Natural Partners, we believe in sourcing natural solutions that empower the body to maximize its own ability to take care of itself. Nutrition, and the supplements you take to complement your diet, plays a critical role in the health of your “coat.” Robust health from the inside creates a glow that’s red carpet worthy – and you can do it naturally without expensive glam squads or spa trips.
Check out our best practices for hair, skin and nails.
Lush, healthy hair
Sure; your hair makes a statement about you, but your locks also serve a higher purpose – to protect the skin. Make sure you care for your hair!
On the Inside:  Your hair is mostly protein, so eat an iron-rich protein diet that includes Omega-3’s, Vitamin D and Zinc to keep hair growing plentifully. Eat plenty of fish and walnuts for great sources naturally, and try supplements to enrich your diet. (A lack of zinc can lead to hair loss, even in our eyelashes, and also a dry, flaky scalp. Try oysters, beef, or eggs for good sources of zinc, too.)
Lifestyle:  Get plenty of sleep, avoid smoking and reduce stress. Also – an imbalance in hormones can lead the slowing of hair growth, and even loss. And since stress, lack of sleep, and too much caffeine or polyunsaturated fats all contribute to hormonal balance, listen to what mama always said and eat well, exercise and get your zzzz’s.
On the outside:  Tend to your scalp and know your type – dry, flaky, oily or thinning. For dry or itching scalps, try using essential oils including lavender, almond or jojoba oils to moisturize and soothe. Coat thinning hair with a yummy coconut oil to bolster the roots, and condition the strands. For those with an abundance of oil in the hair, massage the scalp with cornstarch and comb it through the hair for about 10 minutes. And don’t forget to choose just the right shampoo. For salon style texture and softness, you can’t beat one made from olive oil extract.
Beautiful Skin from the Inside Out
We often complain about our skin, but it’s an unsung hero. Skin protects the inside organs from injury, bacteria, and viruses, and helps control body temperature. Be kind to your skin, and it’ll go the distance for you!
On the inside:  Hydration and nutrition hold the building blocks to your skin’s health and radiance. Just the right mix of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants illuminate your skin from the inside out, because good health shows! Vitamins K, E, A, B complex and C each plays a role in boosting your skins’ vitality quotient. In particular, Vitamin E may reduce sun damage and wrinkles while improve skin’s texture.
Lifestyle:  Bathe in warm – not hot – water, limit your alcohol intake, and avoid (or quit) smoking, as cigarette smoke causes the skin to appear older and discolored. Frequent sun exposure also wreaks havoc by causing the collagen in skin to weaken, appear leathery and form dark spots (known as age spots) – not to mention, cause skin cancer. Limit your exposure to the sun during the midday hours, wear wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses, and use sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or higher and with both UVA and UVB protection.
On the outside:  If your skin looks sallow, or is itching, burning, stinging, blemished, or if a rash appears, it’s trying to tell you something. Pay attention to those changes, as they can be indicators of issues such as eczema or acne, and see your health care provider for treatment recommendations. And don’t forget to choose make-up made with integrity like the lines we carry at Natty P.

Strong Nails that Withstand the Test of Time

Your nails can make or break a first impression, pun intended. Nails that are bitten off, chipped, too short or unclean say, “I’m not too healthy, and I really don’t care about my appearance.” Take time to care for your fingernails, and they’ll have a lot to “say” about you!
On the Inside:  Proper nutrients promote nails to grow quickly and come in strong. Deprived of enough protein, nails can weaken without the keratin they need – and they’re plentiful in soybeans, whole grains, legumes and dairy products. Too few B vitamins can cause dry or dark fingernails, so add leafy greens, carrots, tomatoes and nuts for the all- important Biotin, or try a good Vitamin B complex supplement. And of course, don’t forget essential minerals like calcium and magnesium!
Lifestyle:  Keep you nails trimmed, clean, and moisturized, and refrain from biting them. Nail biting is sometimes just a pesky habit, but other times it is an indicator of nervousness or obsessive compulsive disorder. You could try an anti-biting polish – but those are loaded with chemicals. Instead, try hot sauce, lime juice or lemon juice on your nails. Pick the one that is the least appealing taste-wise and apply it regularly. Also – use rubber gloves (like the ones you always found under mom’s kitchen sink!) to protect your nails from harmful chemicals found in cleaning products.
On the Outside:  It’s fun to grab a pedicure and some peace at the spa, and caring for your cuticles is key to strong nails. Add a topical Vitamin E cream to your nail-care regimen for the moisture the nails need to stay healthy and never dry or brittle.
With just a few changes, you can easily add the nutrients found in nature, food and supplements you need for a shiny new “coat.” Your pup will be so proud!
What works for you or your patients? Share your secrets with us, or post them on our Facebook page!