The Art of Aging Gracefully

Aging is as troubling for many as it is inevitable for everyone, the progression of the baby boomer generation into their sixties leaving a significant number of people nationwide disheartened. While no doctor can reverse the process of aging, there are a lot of ways to help your patients counteract the worst of its effects, with Natural Partners stepping in to point the spotlight at some healthy, natural ways to help your clients perfect the art of aging gracefully.

To help restore skin’s youthful stretch and bounce, Advanced Connective Tissue Formula from Collagen M.D. contains 19 amino acids including glycine and proline to increase the amount of youth-inducing collagen being naturally produced.* Every day the body goes through cycles of collagen breakdown and regrowth, though after the age of about twenty five that cycle slows down, the amount of collagen being produced to replace the amount broken down inadequate to maintain the smooth skin of youth. Advanced Connective Tissue Formula is full of nutrients to help improve the function of it’s highly bioavailable collagen. Coming in a neutral-tasting powder that’s easily dissolvable in any type of liquid, it’s a wonderful product to recommend to patients who have worries about the decreased elasticity of their skin.

Another frequent and unfortunate effect of aging is decreased libido, the desire for physical intimacy worn away with age and taking a toll on romantic relationships.  A safe, natural product to turn to for this is BioRay’s Lady Passion, a traditional Chinese kidney yang tonic for increasing amorous feelings in women. Stimulating the immune and adrenal system* in times of high stress, Lady Passion is the product to turn to when signs of depletion appear, frequently also manifesting in cold feet and hands.

Having addressed the physical aspect of the art of aging gracefully, it’s important to note that appearance isn’t the only thing to think about for aging patients. What’s happening with their internal functions just as important as what’s going on outside.

Thorne Research’s Choleast is a wonderful cholesterol maintenance tool for doctors and their patients. It’s composed of Red Yeast Rice, which is rich in coenzyme Q10, helping promote healthy cholesterol levels*. Red yeast rice, or Monascus purpureus, is excellent at maintaining stable cholesterol levels, making sure that once your patients get their cholesterol levels down they stay down. * Maintaining healthy cholesterol levels has been linked with good cardiovascular health, decreased bad cholesterol lowering the risk of heart attacks.

From Pure Encapsulations, Saw Palmetto Plus with nettle extract is designed as a comprehensive supplement for the reinforcement of prostate and urinary tract health. It does this by encouraging proper testosterone metabolism, using ingredients such as Pygeum africanum for healthy protein metabolization in the prostate.* The roots of the stinging nettle have also indicated an ability promote prostate wellness, and Saw Palmetto Plus uses this in conjunction with the fatty acids contained in pumpkin seed oil and zinc to offer the most far-reaching prostate health supplement possible.

Intestinal tract issues are another major problem that begins to crop up with age, decreasing gut health creating issues with waste disposal and absorption of nutrients through the intestinal walls. Glutamine Forte from Integrative Therapeutics uses L-glutamine in conjunction with Theracurmin, a water-dispersible form of turmeric with more than 27 times the bioavailability of standard turmeric, to restore gut barrier function and permeability as well as the body’s inflammatory pathways.* Also known to support the immune system and the process of tissue repair*, Glutamine Forte is a top-of-the-line product for maintaining gut health.

Many patients’ unwillingness to use any one of the predominantly artificial ‘age-reversing’ pills and creams available on the shelf doesn’t mean that yours have to resign themselves to a slow descent into dilapidation in their later years. Natural Partners is here to provide a host of healthy, natural products for every occasion, giving doctors and those they serve a natural way to work on the art of aging gracefully.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.