Over 20 years ago, Denis Wilson, MD discovered through experience and observation, that a person’s body temperature is actually a key indicator of thyroid health. Even more importantly, he came to realize that patients could show “normal” lab tests, yet still be struggling with fatigue, a body temperature below 98.6 and other issues. Patients in this category were told by other medical providers that their problems were “all in their head” and were not given solutions that provided relief. But when Dr. Wilson offered them a trial of thyroid hormone to normalize their body temperature, he found their overall health also improved.
Dr. Wilson was trained in traditional medical school, so he struggled to accept this seemingly contradictory concept which wasn’t part of his medical training. Over time, he closely monitored patients who responded positively to thyroid hormone replacement and consistently saw their health improve as their body temperature normalized. It became clear that having a body temperature close to 98.6 was critical to feeling healthy. This led him to develop a new form of thyroid hormone- sustained-release T3 hormone- to increase low body temperature. The sustained-release T3 was more effective than standard thyroid hormone and even when patients stopped taking it, they maintained their improved health. After witnessing this occurrence many times, he realized that he could help patients far beyond symptom relief that “Restorative Health” was truly possible.
He later met Michael Friedman, ND, who was helping his patients through herbs and nutrients to support adrenal and thyroid function. Together, Dr. Wilson and Dr. Friedman founded Restorative Formulations. Their mission was to create formulations that optimized thyroid and adrenal function and normalized body temperature, using only the highest quality and most efficacious herbs and nutrients available.
One of the top-selling Restorative Formulations products is Thyroid Px. It surpasses industry standards by using only certified organic or wildcrafted herbs in the formula. It also contains ingredients that most manufacturers consider too expensive to include, such as diiodotyrosine (an immediate precursor to thyroid production). It provides 12 mg Iodine per serving, along with zinc and selenium as thyroid hormone production co-factors. Thyroid Px helps to optimize body temperature, promote T4/T3 conversion and supports healthy metabolism. It also contains herbs such as Guggul, Blue Flag Root, and Bladderwrack have been used traditionally to provide thyroid support.[i]
Thyroid imbalances can be caused by numerous etiologies and present in several different forms. Causes include genetics, heavy metals, pesticides, and chemicals such as flame retardants, adhesives and building materials. Identifying these and other potential issues help determine the best course of action to restore balance.[ii]
*Restorative Formulations : Physician Formulated, Clinical Results*

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