When it comes to choosing a prenatal vitamin and supplements, we know you don’t take it lightly. Mothers, families, and developing babies in particular need the very best and that is why we don’t compromise on finding the highest quality products that are right for your individual needs. At Natural Partners, we’re family and look out for each other so it’s no wonder why people from our team choose prenatals and supplements from our trusted brand partners for their families. We have affectionately dubbed our Natural Partners babies the “Natty Peanuts”. Take a closer look at some of our favorite products from real parents who used them to support a happy and healthy pregnancy for their little Natty Peanuts.

Lauren C.-

I had a terrible time finding a prenatal that worked for me. I was so sensitive to everything and had a horrible first trimester with both of my boys. I was so nauseous all of the time and could eat very little without feeling the need to vomit. When I tried some prenatals, they made me instantly throw them back up, sorry TMI. I became hopeless and worried because I knew I wasn’t getting the nutrition I needed from my diet alone and the first trimester is a crucial development phase. Finally a friend suggested I try a whole food supplement because your body recognizes it like just that, whole food. I tried the Mykind Organic Prenatal Multi from Garden of Life and had ZERO nausea or any other issues. It was such a great solution and I stressed way less knowing that I was getting the nutrition that my babes and I needed. They both ended up being healthy, beautiful, big babies and I know I have my prenatal to thank for much of that!


Kate D.-

I took the New Chapter Perfect Prenatal Multivitamin during my pregnancy. I dealt with awful morning sickness and my prenatal really helped me get through it. I was also worried about getting the right Omega’s because I’m a vegetarian so I tried the Algae Omega From Nordic Naturals and it worked great for me!




Brittany J.-

I took a whole food prenatal because I have a sensitive stomach that got extra sensitive during pregnancy. This was especially crucial at the beginning when I had morning sickness and had more food aversions than cravings. I also took magnesium because it gave me extra energy and helped me sleep at night. Lastly, I took fish oils because I wanted my baby to be smart.




Yukhi K.-

My wife took the Wholemega Prenatal from New Chapter. We were really happy with this product. Our first baby is a happy, healthy and smart little girl!





Malori M.-

I took Prenatal Nutrients from Pure during my pregnancy. I was able to rest easy knowing they are a great quality professional brand and that my baby girl was getting enough of the right nutrients. I was also prone to digestive issues during pregnancy so the HMF Maternity Probiotic from Seroyal/Genestra really helped me out and kept my immune system strong. I was really lucky to have a healthy and beautiful baby girl.



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