Natural Remedies for the 40 Hour Work Week

In 2012, the average American work week was a whopping 46 hours. With 3 out of every 4 Americans working more than 40 hours a week, a huge portion of your patients are likely feeling the strain of this issue, making medical methods of damage control and natural remedies for the 40 hour work week for stressed-out, exhausted employees more relevant and sought after than ever. Working such long hours takes its toll on both the body and the mind in ways even the most astute employee frequently fails to realize, leaving it up to their physician to identify and help alleviate problems where they observe them.

Extreme stress can cause detriment to physical wellness as well as both personal and professional relationships. These days, it’s fairly well known that stress can impact the body in quite a few ways, ranging from fatigue and muscle tension to trouble sleeping, headaches and stomachaches, but its dark side isn’t limited strictly to the body. Stress has been observed to trigger angry outbursts and social withdrawal, as well as a lack of drive and motivation that can make it harder to connect with others.

For a world seemingly constantly functioning in a state of moderate to high stress, Thorne Research’s Cortine is a natural, vegetarian-friendly boon, supplementing cortisol, the hormone the body produces when stricken with anxiety, to help it calm down and regulate blood sugar. Cortisol also plays an important role in immune function and general physical and mental stamina*. By bringing in more of what adrenal glands, overworked by stress, aren’t able to provide in sufficient amounts, Cortine helps balance out the whole body and lessen the harsh impact of daily anxiety.*

Another obvious effect of long working hours is less time for sleeping. While recommending allotting more time for shut-eye and even prescribing sleep-aid medications are both valid options, when consistent sleep just isn’t achievable for a patient, or the sleep they can get just isn’t restful, End Fatigue Daily Energy Enfusion by Integrative Therapeutics might just be able to help.
A berry flavored drink mix, End Fatigue is designed to provide nutritional support to help your patients maintain mental clarity, as well as boosted energy and endurance, all day long. Providing over 50 vitamins, nutrients and minerals, it includes a comprehensive vitamin B complex for optimal awareness and energy. Meant to be taken every day, End Fatigue’s long-term goal is to build a strong nutritional foundation in order to eliminate recurring exhaustion problems and contribute to the improvement of quality of life.*

With any job that necessitates prolonged periods of standing or movement, aches, pains and, usually most reviled of all, swelling, are common complaints. This natural healing response frequently goes overboard and causes your patients more harm than benefit, exacerbating the problem with each consecutive day spent performing the same kind of activity at work. GLA from Nordic Naturals, which is cold-compressed from borage seed, helps promote the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response with unique omega-6 gamma linolenic acid (GLA).*

Already faced with this barrage of existing stress-related problems that need tackling, the last thing your patients need added on is avoidable illness. When stress weakens the immune system, Daily Immune from Pure Encapsulations is here to help. Using vitamin C, citrus bioflavonoids and zinc, it creates a strong foundation for immune function, with vitamin D added to support the receptors on a number of immune cells specifically designed to respond to it., like lymphocytes and macrophages.*

With Natural Partners supplying an arsenal of healthy, natural remedies for the 40 hour work week, doctors have everything they need to alleviate the everyday struggles of a huge portion of their modern demographic.





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