At Natural Partners we are bigger than our business and our “WOO(Win Others Over) Week,” and “All Hands In” annual celebrations highlights, the Natural Partners culture, our relationships with each other and our passion for our business.

The week is filled with appreciation for the hard work of all Natty P’s and their contributions in spreading wellness, while expressing our gratitude for all that we have accomplished together as a team.

Natural Partners Culture Week

During WOO week, each day is centered around a universal company theme that is based on our 10 core values.

  1. Treat others the way you would like to be treated
  2. Work with a sense of integrity at all times
  3. Get the job done with teamwork and cooperation
  4. Win others over and provide excellence in client service
  5. Constantly grow and learn
  6. Be innovative
  7. Create a positive company atmosphere
  8. Be bigger than our business
  9. Find a way to create a healthy environment
  10. Embrace positive change.

Tied into each theme were team-based activities that emphasized teamwork, creativity,and inter-departmental cooperation.  Some of these team activities included building a newspaper tower, a healthy version of iron chef, creating a team poster and designing and racing a team built car. All activities reinforced skills the Natural Partners team uses everyday. Our atmosphere is a little bit rock and roll. (In fact, naming all The Beatles is a question during our new employee interview process.)During WOO Week you can feel the culture, camaraderie, wholeness and fun that exemplifies what we experience all year long.

Natural Partners Core Values

Part of the WOO Week experience involves the crowning of the Natty P Rock Star and Rock Starlet. Every member of the Natty P team votes on the man and woman who embody the Natural Partner’s core values. This year our Rock Stars are Dianne Forbes, and Jason Dec.  Who had this to say about WOO Week…

 “I believe WOO Week adds enjoyable competitiveness, and it helps keep an already tight knit Company, that much tighter. I believe it gives us all a chance to intermingle with each other and be even sillier than we are on a daily basis. It makes Natural Partners (to me), a company that is great to work at because I choose to…. not because I HAVE TO.” 

– Dianne Forbes, Rock Starlet

 WOO Week is a “cultural” rite of passage for Natural Partners Inc. It’s a celebration designed specifically for the employees!  WOO Week helps to demonstrate what’s possible when culture truly becomes embedded into the company’s DNA. The daily event(s) bring people together through shared activities, teamwork & wackiness!  The NattyP “culture” is an ecosystem, almost like a living organism!  Once people experience the NattyP “way” first hand – the word “culture” transcends from the theoretical into applied action in all that we do. WOO Week is essential to this process. “

 – Jason Dec, Rock Star

Natural Partners Company Culture

At Natural Partners we believe in the possibility of world wellness and freedom from suffering on the planet. We try to live this vision everyday. We are grateful and cherish the opportunity to work with others who live this vision as well.We appreciate and honor all of our manufacturers and client/partner relationships. We love what we do, and we hope it shows.

Natural Partners Spreading Wellness

Check out the WooWeek 2013 video by clicking here!