By Natural Partners

Gentle Detoxes-

Detoxing has been under fire mainly due to a seemingly endless stream of claims of how it can “fix” you without any hard science behind it. The general public has a fuzzy idea of what detoxing is, what it actually means, how to do it, why do it, what it actually does for you, what type is best for you, and the list goes on. Because of the popularity of so many different detoxes, people get that they are generally a good thing, but the specifics get lost in translation and ultimately they try them with minimal to no success left feeling a little jaded. This is why the idea of a “gentle detox” is gaining popularity. People are looking for a more realistic way to gently support their bodies natural detox pathways on a regular basis without having to go to any extremes. The idea of everything in balance is at the heart of this movement and we don’t expect it to fizzle out.

What this means for us:

Professionals might experience patients and customers asking about ways to support a gentle detox. Potentially, we could see a rise in the supplements which support this such as liver support, GI support, targeted probiotics and the like. Take notice for trends specifically in skincare as well. Because part of a healthy lifestyle to support gentle cleansing involves having really “clean” products, brands are going to be under the microscope now more than ever for transparency, quality of ingredients and even the cleanliness of packaging.

Personalized Medicine-

Often referred to as Targeted Medicine, individuals are able to now shift the focus of their healthcare on preventative measures by looking specifically at their genetics to see what they may be in risk of and how to accurately target and treat disease. The major medical communities are all sprinting to stay ahead of this new game so that they can meet patient demands.

What this means for us:

Naturopathic and integrative medicine have fundamentally focused on prevention and looking at the patient as a unique individual. What changes now however is that people want to deep dive into their genome and integrative practitioners need to be prepared to meet the needs of these patients, help them interpret findings and results, and formulate a plan for prevention and treatment.

Focus on Good Sleep-

Collectively, the naturopathic community has been shouting from the hilltops about how important sleep is, and not just sleep, but getting enough of it and having good quality of it. The general public can be a little slow to adopt, but the tide is rising on sleep awareness and the people want more. We are seeing a significant upward trend in sleep support products, but also more of an interest in sleep itself as people recognize how important it is and may not know where to start.

What this means for us:

Education is key. Offering advice for sleep related health and issues will go a long way. This is a great topic to cover in patient to practitioner communication or even in professional sources such as blogs and newsletters. Also, we recommend catching up with the latest in sleep support supplements and products. As the demand rises for sleep products, manufacturers are meeting the challenges with innovative products that can potentially make a big difference in the quality of not only patient’s sleep, but overall quality of life.

Unplugging is the New Cool-

We have been riding the wave of mass social media usage for over 7 years and the data and findings are startling. Social media use is impacting people on a social, psychological, and even physical level. Subsequent generations are suffering the consequences of heavy social media use by looking for a dopamine hit from likes and approval, which in turn is actually altering human behavioral interaction at a very basic level. People are becoming more and more aware of this data and are now looking for ways to wean themselves off of social media or even go completely cold turkey and deactivate their accounts.

What this means for us:

Practitioners are going to need to be able to help patients and customers “cut the cord” from essentially an addiction. While products that focus on stress reduction and mental focus/clarity are already on the rise, we anticipate the demand to be higher than ever.

Mainstream Veganism-

If you are seeing “plant-based” everywhere, you’re not alone. The idea of leading a plant-based lifestyle has given way to a rise in veganism and its social acceptability going from an extreme diet to a responsible lifestyle. Culturally, people are becoming more and more keen on adopting compassion and veganism naturally fits. Many find themselves compelled to have a plant-based diet because of environmental concerns. Whatever the case may be, veganism is gaining steam and shows no signs of slowing down.

What this means for us:

The food industry is meeting the demand for vegan foods with incredible new products and the supplement industry is right behind. Consumers have been asking for more vegan supplements and products, now they are demanding them. Help your patients and customers by staying up to date on the latest vegan formulations for some of the most commonly used products like multivitamins, probiotics, and meal powders to help them make an easier transition into a plant-based lifestyle.

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