While many of us may or may not successfully complete a detox around the New Year, there’s always opportunity for another way to cleanse. The New Year naturally presents itself as a perfect time to go “in with the new and out with the old.” A new year and a fresh start typically causes people to make a shift, usually in their diets, activity level and even overall outlook. Many people feel that they need to do a big Spring Cleaning in their homes, offices and other personal spaces, but consider your body to be the most beneficial place to go to work on.

Consider this as well, the home “detoxing” shouldn’t stop in your kitchen. Consider going through each room and looking at the different items you are exposed to that are detrimental to your health (toxic cleaning products, scented air fresheners, skin care/beauty products, paints, carpets, etc). Here are a couple tips:

Clean out that kitchen!

Yes, it’s time to get rid of gimmicky appliances you have not used in 3 years, toxic plastics, and it’s finally time to go through that junk drawer and get rid of the random collection of receipts, rubber bands, crumbs and gosh knows what else. This goes hand-in hand with your pantry. You should remove any damaged goods likes dented cans, anything leaking, anything past the expiration date, etc. Also, you know your body best and what foods are best for you. Anything that does not serve you should be eliminated.

You know what I’m talking about, those potato chips that you justify as good for you because they’re organic, or that bag of candy leftover from gingerbread house decorating that you flock to with sugar cravings. Trust me, let it go.

Do A 3-Day Cleanse

You shouldn’t be punishing yourself with crazy starvation diets or juice cleanses (if you are not used to them), but anyone can do just about anything for 3 days. If you are new to cleansing, I’d suggest 3 days of eliminating processed foods, sugars, dairy, alcohol and grains. If you are feeling pretty good after the 3 days, try and continue to go without these things for as long as possible.

When you do start bringing these back into your diet, do it one at a time, and see how you feel after you eat or drink it. You may find that grains have no effect on how you feel, but sugar may leave you feeling sick. Now you have the power to feel good all the time, as long as you decide to eat well.

Set Your Kitchen Up For Success

After you’ve taken all of the bad stuff out of your home, it’s time to fill the empty spaces with items and foods that are health heroes that will help you actually WANT to cook. Not only does making your own meals save you money, it helps you regain control of knowing where your food comes from, knowing what is in it brings you closer to true health. Here are easy, quick tips:

A good set of knives:  Nothing is more frustrating than when you do not have the proper tools to do a job, like say cooking for yourself 80% of the time.

Good Tupperware: Look for BPA free plastics or even better nice glass containers. It sounds silly, but when you have nice matching Tupperware, you’ll be more likely to pack and take leftovers and even pack a lunch.

Buy good water containers: If you get some water containers that are cool/fun, you are more likely to bring water with you everywhere you go and drink more!

Snack Smart: If you know you’re a snacker, make foods that are so delicious, you can’t turn them down. I’d suggest a large container of your favorite trail mix. I do equal parts hazelnuts, almonds, dark chocolate and tart cherries. Try another container of chip–like foods for when you are craving salty and crunchy. I like kale chips and root veggie chips for this purpose. Always have some sort of dip in the fridge, too.

Depending on how you eat, tasty hummus, yogurt dips, tapenade, and caponata, all taste fabulous with just about anything. Lastly, have a plan for sugar cravings. I like to keep these amazing, no sugar added, mint chocolate bars in my fridge, otherwise, fresh ripe seasonal fruit can do the job too.

Breakfast, Breakfast And More Breakfast

Don’t leave the house without getting a decent breakfast. Try making a big batch of your favorite granola and keeping it on the counter in an air-tight container. You can also do a jar of your favorite oatmeal packs and take one that you can eat on the go or once you get to work. Just be sure to steer clear from the big GMO sugar-packed brands. Hard-boiled eggs are great too. They have their own shell casings and are great for a quick pop of protein. When all else fails, there are always bars and shakes. There are a couple paleo-friendly brands out there that I absolutely love and are easy in a pinch.

Plant Something

There’s something to say about the power of gardening and watching new life grow. Spring is a time of renewal and regeneration and contributing to that can be really powerful. Whether you are re-planting your spring garden, trying your hand at a tomato plant or even some new flowers for your yard, nurturing that plant is energizing for the soul.

Start A New Habit

Starting a new habit can help your brain steer away from some of those calcified neuronal pathways and open your mind a little. I’d recommend a new physical activity such as a morning/evening walk in the neighborhood or a park you have never been to, or even a new type of exercise you have always wanted to try like Pilates or kung fu.

If you don’t have time or the wherewithal for a new activity, just try taking five deep breaths when you wake up and before you go to sleep. Start a new book. Write a “thank you” note. Whatever works for you, try something new.


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