Managing back to school stress

School, while frequently a source of great excitement, can also be an understandable source of dread. Heading back to school is a difficult transition for many, on a deeper level than just general post-summer fatigue.  School is usually thought of as something to be excited about, understandable nervousness aside.  While this isn’t entirely inaccurate, there’s another side of this solemn march back to organized education that’s mostly overlooked: the considerable anxiety.  The yearly struggle of managing back to school stress is beginning once again as August pulls to a close. Some are worried about grades, pressure from family or an inability to pay for higher schooling without scholarships fueling a fixation on performance that’s not necessarily healthy, while others suffer from social anxiety, the fear and stress of being around so many other people for such a huge chunk of their week driving them to sleeplessness.

As the issue becomes more prevalent with each passing year, doctors everywhere are beginning to get calls asking how they can help their patients with managing back to school stress. After all, stress isn’t just something ‘in your head:’ stress can cause headaches, muscle tension, and sleep problems. Behaviorally, stress can create instances of social withdrawal, mood swings, and over or under eating, which can in turn devastate the immune system. These symptoms, awful in and of themselves, can be disastrous on the life of someone in school. Getting sick means getting behind in the curriculum, the mad dash to catch up creating a vicious cycle of more stress and more sickness.

Unfortunately, most of today’s common anxiety medications are intense prescription drugs with a laundry list of unfortunate potential side effects, leaving the naturopathic doctor at something of a loss as to how to help stressed out patients. With that in mind, Natural Partners is promoting Neuroscience’s GABA Trex, an entirely natural calming agent. It’s dissolvable tablet format making it accessible to all ages, GABA Trex’s main ingredient is the amino acid L-theanine, known for helping induce calm and prevent neural over stimulation. By dampening glutamate receptors, it allows students to calm down and function rationally, an invaluable ability.*

It’s not just students who need help managing back to school stress, though. Back to school can be a troubling time for many parents, even beyond the obvious concerns regarding their children’s happiness. Schools, like any other institution that gathers people together for extended periods of time, can be a breeding ground for sickness: passed from the girl coughing into her hand to the boy next to her, or from one athlete to their teammate sharing a water bottle.

But how can you help your patients and their kids ensure that they have the best possible defense against the common cold and every bout of flu that sweeps through their school? Immunity boosting MyCommunity by Host Defense is a blend of seventeen potent mushroom species, designed to provide the most comprehensive immune support supplement in the Host Defense line. It encourages resistance to cellular assaults using organic mycelium and fruitbodies, along with a barrage of other complementary elements like polysaccharides, glycoproteins and ergosterols.*

Now that you’ve helped ensure your patients are stress-free, how do you keep them sharp? To help with alertness, cognitive function and general brain health, Vinpocetine from Pure Encapsulations encourages oxygen release from hemoglobin, making it much more accessible to cells. Able to pass the blood-brain barrier, Vinpocetine enhances cerebrovascular flow, promoting healthy and even oxygen distribution.*

When the school season is in full swing and you realize your child is having some trouble staying on task and focused, it’s time to think about assisting their cognitive function naturally. Memoractive from Thorne Research supports healthy cognitive function with a comprehensive synergistic blend of widely studied supplements.*

With a little help from your friends here at Natural Partners, you’ll have everything you need to make sure your patients can enjoy a healthy, stress-free, natural return to school this season.


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