If you are your clients decide to travel for this summer, make sure to get ahead of the game and start off healthy! Preparing for travel is unnecessarily taxing on your mind and body, so use these healthy travel tips to maintain your health before and during your travels.

1.  If you don’t already have routines throughout the day, it would be a great idea to start one or two to maintain throughout your planned    trip. This will alleviate some stress in planning and during the trip.

2. Help your clients set up their protocol for their travels; a little effort goes a long way in assisting their healthy adventures. Something as simple as having the clients buy a pill separator to maintain an easy to remember schedule for their vitamins, or even helping them set up a    reminder on their phone so it alerts them when they should be taking their supplements.

3. Carry or order travel sized kits in products they already use, to make packing even easier! (Our suggestions are: DeVita Travel Kit and the Thorne Organics Travel Kit.)

4. Remember to build up your immune system before you head out! (Our suggestions are: Host Defense Mycommunity Extract and Boiron Oscillococcinum)

5. APOP! – no, seriously. Authorized Patient Online Purchasing is set up to make situations like this a breeze, giving your patients the option to order their supplements even while they are on their trip (if they are still in the United States). This takes the urgency away of planning overall, and in turn makes the trip much less stressful.

 Taking these tips into consideration, enjoy your trip! Relax and rejuvenate, you’ve earned it!