What is the most important system in your entire body? Though different, all natural healing modalities can probably agree that digestion is the most important and fundamental system in our body. If our body is unable to properly digest and absorb nutrients and eliminate waste products, then it’s basically impossible to achieve or maintain optimal health.
In order to truly help your patients, you need to always take into account this profound connection. We all strive to break the model of just looking at seemingly isolated and unrelated symptoms. But if you truly want to address the underlying cause of a health challenge, you must first address the person’s digestion regardless of their health condition or diet.
Digestive enzymes along with probiotic supplementation, can help restore balance to the digestive system. This will contribute to the optimal utilization of precious nutrients which are the building blocks of life. This will also assist in the timely elimination of toxin producing waste products. Some of the assured benefits of a healthy gastrointestinal system include digestive comfort, improved immune health, healthy inflammatory responses, and improved neurotransmitter function.
Hamilton Cabanilla M.A. in Holistic Natural Health and Nutrition, CNHP, CHNP

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