Celebrate Earth Day with an upcycle project that adds color and oxygen to your space! For this project we used a spekboom succulent (also known as “elephant shrub” because the leaves resemble elephant ears), but you can use other hydroponic plants in the same manner. Spekboom is a sustainable plant that fights air pollution and is very easy to grow. There is no need to grow the plant from seeds – you can snip a stem from a larger succulent plant.

Create your own upcycled pet plant in a bottle using your favorite empty supplements bottle!

Step 1: Select and pluck a stem from the grown succulent that is at least a few inches longer than your upcycled bottle.

Step 2: Remove the lower leaves up to the height of your bottle. (Example – If your bottle is 2.5 inches in length, remove the tiny leaves off the bottom 2.5 inches of the stem.)

Step 3: WAIT. After plucking the leaves, you want to set the plant out in the sun for 30 min to 1 hour to scab.

Step 4: Prepare your plant’s new home by rinsing the bottle and filling it with fresh water.

Step 5: After preparing your bottle and giving your plant some R&R, plop it into its new home. You will want to check water levels 1-2 times weekly and watch as it sprouts roots. You can later transplant your new buddy into a pot or continue to allow it to grow at your desk in an up-cycled bottle, providing you and those around you with fresh air and a little nature.