By Jeremy Scott, Olympian Labs Healthy Living Coach.
Your mother was right all along when she said, “You need to eat your greens.” In today’s world that can be difficult with busy schedules, travel. You name the excuse, they are there. However, eating the proper blend of greens daily ensures your body will receive the right amount of disease and fat fighting micronutrients it needs to win the war on not only infection, but also obesity.
Nothing beats the real deal of fresh green, leafy, fibrous veggies that pack a powerful nutrient punch. The reality is for most Americans; about 25% by estimate eat their minimum of 3 servings of greens per day. All of us need at least three servings daily at the absolute minimum – many of us need far more to reach our own personal pinnacle of health.
Getting your daily serving of veggies supplies your body with disease fighting antioxidants. It can also lower your risk of type 2 diabetes, reduce your risk of bone loss as you age, as well as reduce your chance of having kidney stones. In addition, greens help balance the pH of our bodies which creates an internal environment inside of us that is not only balanced, but also primed to burn excess body fat. Getting added calcium, iron, and folic acid are just a few of the other added benefits of getting your greens.
Now that we have established how important high quality greens are to your health, let’s make sure we don’t forget the power of protein. Did you know protein is a vital part of every cell in our body? Needless to say, getting enough quality protein each day is a big deal. Ladies – your hair and nails are created of, you guessed it, mostly protein. Many of us think of protein as just good for building muscle, but it is also equally important in building our bones, skin, cartilage, and even the blood flowing through our veins.
Protein differs from the other two macronutrients, carbs and fats, in the way it’s not stored in the body in access. You need to continually be funneling protein into your body daily to ensure all the above-mentioned processes are happening. Think of protein as an essential building block in your life. Currently the US Department of Health recommends adults get at least 6-7oz per day. Depending on your goals and training habits that number can be much, much higher. If you are not getting at least seven ounces of high quality, complete protein in your diet 365 days per year you are doing your body a huge disservice.
The world we have created and live in now is busier than ever. Prepping meals, making quality time to sit down for dinners, traveling, and so on has made everyday life a little harder. If you find yourself failing to reach your goal of protein and greens per day, look for a supplement that includes both greens and protein. Now, nothing beats the real thing, but if you are looking to cover the gaps in your nutrition, looking for an answer when you are on the road, or if you’re too busy to prep your veggies and protein daily, a greens and protein supplement can be great addition to your current nutrition plan.

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