By Natural Partners

The more we learn about our microbiomes, the more we realize good skin health starts with good gut health. If you are a practitioner, perhaps you have noticed that inadvertently you helped a patient improve their skin health by addressing gut health. Or perhaps you have noticed your skin clear and improve when you eat a healthier diet. Either way, recent studies are finding that there is a direct link to the complex system of microflora in your gut and on your skin.

Dr. Trevor Cates, NMD refers to skin as a “magic mirror” because it really can reflect what is going on internally. She states that “There is a direct correlation between the gut microbiome and skin microbiome.” To keep your skin microflora balanced, here are a few good tips:

*Your skin is healthiest around a 4.6-5 pH, so use topical skin-care products that are in that range.

*Eat fermented food! Naturally fermented foods are nature’s way of populating your microbiome with healthy microorganisms.

*Take probiotics daily. Work with a physician who can help you determine which types of probiotics would be best for your daily routine.

*Take caution! Skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and premature aging can all be signs of digestive dysfunction. Consult your practitioner or NMD on how to take steps toward addressing what could be causing the gut issues.

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