Early this year the US experienced one of the most aggressive and widespread flu seasons with high levels of illness in 43 states and moderate in 48. Shockingly, the CDC estimates that Americans were hospitalized at a rate of 59.9 per every 100,000 making it the highest rate since the 2014-2015 season. With these alarming statistics and the threat the flu can make on the population, especially in infants, children and the elderly, keeping yourself healthy should a priority now more than ever.

As we approach the change to cooler fall weather and children returning to school, this is the time now to start building immune health and take a look at what lifestyle choices you can make to give yourself and your family the best chance at combating the flu. Here are some great tips we have personally had success with:

Check your cleaning productsdeep clean, but promote healthy germs

Bleach and Clorox are proven to kill germs, but the problem is that it kills everything including the beneficial bacteria. There are some really fascinating studies now on probiotic cleaners that go after the bad bugs and don’t kill off healthy populations. As we all face an uncertain future with superbugs and antibiotic overuse, probiotic cleaners offer a middle ground option.

Keep your gut healthyyour immune system is in trouble if your gut is

Did you know about 80% of your lymph resides in your gut? Your body cannot fight off pathogens and produce white blood cells sufficiently if your gut is suffering. When your intestinal lining becomes damaged and very permeable from a poor diet, molecules that are not supposed to pass through it do so and go straight to the bloodstream leaving you vulnerable to illness. Work with your physician to optimize your gut health. We recommend adequate daily probiotics and formulations with l-glutamine, aloe, marshmallow, slippery elm and the like to help restore intestinal integrity and function. Probiotic doses should increase in times of stress or if other people in your home are sick.

Defend yourself and homewear protective oils to keep the yuckies at bay

Essential oils are gaining more scientific traction with good studies to back them up for immune defense and cleaning power. There are gorgeous jewelry options for adults and children that diffuse oils of your choice so you can wear them all day and help defend yourself. A simple oil diffuser around the home or office is a great way to gently spread oils as well. Power blends like Thieves oil combats viruses while other strong oils like clove and oregano are great at killing germs.

Positive vibes bronegative emotions can literally make you physically ill

Without sounding too “New Age”, we have only hit the tip of the iceberg on understanding how negative emotions and thoughts impact our health. From a clinically studied psychological perspective, people tend to make poor health choices when they continue to have negative thoughts. Work on developing a mindfulness or meditation practice, even for 5 minutes out of your day to see if it makes a difference for you in making healthier lifestyle choices. The product of which is a healthier immune system and that is the overall goal here in flu prevention.  



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