By Natural Partners

The holidays are a wonderful time of year, but can also bring more stress and anxiety due to several factors including;


Frequent visitors

Facing family tensions

Financial stress

Physical stress from seasonal cold and flu


For most of us, we do what we can to cope with this stress, but have you considered there is an impact on your four-legged family as well? Pets are very sensitive to changes in their environments and the holidays are undoubtedly a time that can stress them out too. Pets can show signs of stress in many ways including loss of appetite, hair loss, constant itching and grooming, becoming less friendly and even aggressive, shaking or shivering when it’s not cold, and gastric distress such as diarrhea. To avoid undue stress for your fur babies this holiday season, try some of these preventative measures.


Make A Safe Zone-

Your pet should know they have one spot that is theirs and is quiet and sheltered from the commotion. It serves as their safe place when they’re stressed, knowing they can retreat there when needed.



When active animals have too much pent up energy, they can take it out in strange ways. Add the stressful holiday season to the mix and you might have a recipe for disaster. Make sure you are getting them out for a good play that gives them sufficient exercise so they can work out some of their energy.


Digestive Support Supplement-

Just like people, animals need digestive support. Your pets will inevitably find a nibble of something or be hand-fed scraps, so be prepared for tummy problems. A daily probiotic or digestive support formula can help keep minor gastric distress issues at bay.


Check Yourself-

They say our pets are a reflection of us. Animals are so perceptive to energy and emotions that foul moods and stress can literally permeate to your pets. Be sure you are keeping your stress in check by committing to a daily practice such as meditation, yoga or working with a counselor.

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