By Natural Partners

There’s a reason the saying “you are what you eat” has stuck around for so long. Our diets really are a reflection of how we feel, hence who we are able to be as people. If you put junk in, you get junk out.  Considering love, intimacy and heart health this February, we want to let you know that there are more foods out there than you may think that help support your sexual vitality. These are foods and herbs that can easily be integrated into your daily routine that will give you a little pep in your step. Here are some of our favorites:


Maca is a root that is typically purchased dehydrated and ground. Maca, also referred to as Peruvian ginseng is one of those wonder plants known as an adaptogen. Essentially it gives your body what it needs when it needs it. Because of its high content of calcium, B vitamins, magnesium, amino acids and trace minerals like zinc and selenium, it packs a one-two punch on everything your reproductive system needs. Maca is used to support both male and female libido as well as increase mood and energy. It has a relatively mild flavor and blends really well into your morning smoothie!


Tarragon is known as an ancient aphrodisiac. The best part is that it tastes amazing. Tarragon is actually in the licorice family, but has a beautiful flavor with a warming effect. Our favorite? A classic sauce Bernaise smothering steamed asparagus (which also happens to be an aphrodisiac and great for your liver and kidney).


Clove is known for its strong antiseptic properties but it is also very stimulating. A little goes a long way, we suggest teas with clove or adding clove essential oil into your diffuser in the bedroom.


Basil is known to boost blood flow and therefore increase heart rate. It has been reported that eating basil regularly actually helps men have lasting erections. Basil is a culinary wonder, but we love it fresh off the plant torn over some ripe heirloom tomatoes with a drizzle of your best quality olive oil and sea salt.


Watermelon is actually known to increase sexual arousal because it contains citrulline which helps dilate blood vessels. We love watermelon cold and tossed into savory salads or in fresh wedges with the rind on at a summer picnic on a warm day.


Truffles are a rumored aphrodisiac, but we’d like to think they are the real deal. How can you not swoon as soon as that unctuous, velvety, sexy aroma hits your nose? Truffles were sought after as far back as Ancient Rome. Today, people use pigs or dogs trained to find truffles in the ground in very specific forest regions. Try a little fresh shaved truffle or good quality truffle oil drizzled over just about anything, but our favorite is a warm silky plate of risotto. It is reported that the smell of truffles mimics the scent of the hormone androstenone, which helps attracts members of the opposite sex. Let’s see what you think and give them a try.


Cinnamon is another spice that helps improve circulation and is warming to the body. Cinnamon is a champion in our spice cabinet. Add it to unsuspecting dishes like fruit salad, pancakes, anything chocolate, and even red meat.


Vanilla is another spice that is known world over as sexually stimulating. Of course fresh vanilla beans are delicious in food such as baked goods and even savory dishes like butter poached lobster with the essence of vanilla, but we love adding a little good quality vanilla extract to an evening bath, maybe an evening bath for two?

These are just some of our favorite foods that help enhance sexual vitality. We hope you give them a try in new and exciting ways in your daily lives. Even better, try growing some of them in your garden, they are even more potent fresh picked!

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