By Natural Partners

5 Musts to make sure you’re getting the best for mom and baby

Most women know that taking a prenatal vitamin during pregnancy is a good thing, but did you know not all prenatal vitamins are created equal? Different brands have varying quality standards and can even have misleading labeling. When considering which prenatal vitamins might be best for you, there are several factors you want to consider. Take our quick test to make sure your prenatal makes the grade.

Does it have a GMP label?-

Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) guidelines provide guidance for manufacturing, testing, holding and distribution thus supporting quality assurance in order to ensure that a food or drug product is safe for human consumption. In the case of prenatals, it proves even more important because the nutrients are not just going to mom, but baby as well.

Does it have any fillers or excipients?

Manufacturers can fill tablets and capsules up by sometimes adding less than desirable fillers and excipients. Look for brands that don’t add anything else besides key nutrients, vitamins and even beneficial bacteria.

Is it approved organic?

Making sure your prenatal is made mostly of organic ingredients is very important because this ensures that the raw ingredients had little to no exposure to toxic pesticides and herbicides. Today, newborns can show levels of up to 17 organochlorine pesticides in their cord blood!

Are there enough of the right nutrients?

Work with your practitioner to make sure that the levels of nutrients in the prenatal are more than enough. In today’s world, our food is offering less and less nutrients because of soil depletion, so diet alone just isn’t going to cover it.

How do you feel after taking it?

Listen to your body. If you experience any out of the normal nausea, heartburn or gastric discomfort, then that prenatal probably isn’t best for you. If you are sensitive to most prenatals, try a whole food version as they are easier to digest and usually less offensive for women coping with the huge influx of hormones during early pregnancy.


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