BioProtein Deer Antler Velvet Extract
Superfoods are all the buzz these days and they are an extremely diverse group of substances. Deer Antler is one of the earliest recognized superfoods and one of the most complex. Its documented use dates back well over 2,000 years and it occupies a highly revered status in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
As with so many things of value, Deer Antler has had more than its share of critics, detractors, snake oil salesman, and misinformation associated with it. The purpose of this post is to provide some basic, reliable information as to how it can help you to help your patients. As a veteran of the Progressive / Alternative Medicine movement, I spent over 35 years in clinical practice helping patients deal with, and hopefully overcome, a wide array of health challenges. Nutritional guidance, including aggressive supplementation (both oral and IV) was a large part of what I did all those years.
We all know that compliance with our recommendations and lifestyle changes are among the most difficult challenges we face in helping patients to heal. Most will do great at first, but over time (and as their symptoms begin to subside) they start to slack off and return to their old habits. Many of them simply will not keep up with their full supplement regimen, and in reality, they are often taking quite a few pills and other concoctions. While these various regimens do deliver substantial levels of important nutrients, one can’t help feeling that it just isn’t all that natural (or convenient) a thing to do long term. Deer Antler Velvet can help tremendously by being an extremely concentrated, liquid source of beneficial nutrients. This makes delivery and compliance easy.
Deer Antler (aka Deer Antler Velvet), when properly harvested and processed*, is literally the most concentrated source of widely-diversified, beneficial nutritional substances ever identified. It is an absolutely unique substance with no other substance coming close to it in either the animal or plant kingdoms. That statement demands some explanation and documentation to back it up. Please see the listing of identified beneficial substances contained in Deer Antler at the end of the post.
Why are Deer Antlers such a major source of biologically active beneficial substances? First off, it isn’t just Deer Antlers, it is Antlers in general. Antlers are a unique evolutionary development in a family of ruminant mammals called Cervids or Cervidae. This family also includes: white-tailed deer, black-tailed deer, elk, moose, red deer, reindeer (caribou), fallow deer, roe deer, pudu, and chital. The male deer of all species (except Chinese water deer) and female reindeer grow and shed new antlers each year. This feature distinguishes them from permanently horned animals.
Antlers are the only mammalian appendages capable of continuous regeneration. Not only do they regenerate each year but they represent the fastest rate of healthy organ growth in the animal kingdom. They grow as cartilage and eventually calcify into bone by the time they fall off naturally. By harvesting them prior to this time (in a completely safe, non-harmful and humane way) the full biologically-active substances remain intact. During this time the antlers still have their velvety coating (hence the term Deer Antler Velvet) which signifies that they are still in the metabolically active, regenerative stage.
It is already obvious why Deer Antler has been thought to be beneficial since ancient times. The intellectuals of every age have sought out substances & habits that might restore & prolong youthful function and vitality. Why not try something in nature that exhibits superior growth and regenerative properties? It was only logical to try it, but the results are what kept them using it for over 2,000 years. Modern science has analyzed it and documented a substantial number of beneficial components & effects over the past several decades.
I’m going to repeat my earlier statement that will likely carry a bit more weight at this point. Deer Antler, when properly harvested and processed, is literally the most concentrated source of widely-diversified, beneficial nutritional substances ever identified.
It is both a superfood (perhaps the king of superfoods) and a powerful adaptogen (having positive effects on homeostasis as well as multiple organ systems). There is strong experimental support &/or rationale for Deer Antler Velvet benefiting the following processes &/or conditions: wound healing, skeletal system repair, immune-protective / immune-modulatory properties, performance enhancement, RNA synthesizing capabilities, memory, increasing lean muscle mass & strength, enhancing overall metabolism, increasing fat loss, slowing the aging process & increasing lifespan, improving blood sugar utilization, improving diabetic neuropathy, improving heart function, repairing nerve damage, relieving fibromyalgia, reducing PSA levels, improving immune system responses, enhancing bone density, and reducing arthritic complications.     Additionally, there is suspicion that DAV may play a significant role in stem cell activation and differentiation, however, further research is needed.
Simple dosing via a liquid dropper also makes a huge difference in your patients’ compliance. Just a dropper-full held under the tongue for 90 seconds then swallowed, provides 13 growth factors, 21 amino acids, 20 glycosaminoglycans, 6 minerals, and 5 trace minerals without filling them up or inconveniencing them. The results will keep them using it.
*As mentioned above, it is vitally important that the Deer Antler Velvet be properly harvested and processed! If you want to get the full benefits from DAV you have to make sure it is properly harvested and processed. Due to the complexity of DAV, there is a right way of doing it and MANY wrong ways of doing it. BioProtein Technology is the ONLY fully vertically integrated producer of DAV in the world. The entire process is controlled from the raising & care of the animals, to the timely, safe & humane harvesting techniques (no harm is done to the animals, they continue to grow new antlers year after year), to the rapid, clean processing of the antlers, and ultimately the bottling of the concentrated extract into dropper bottles. Deer Antler Extract cannot be delivered in a spray bottle without seriously degrading the vast majority of biologically active components. Consuming it as a capsule or tablet will also negate the proper absorption and utilization of the lion’s share of beneficial substances.
Beneficial substances identified in Deer Antler Velvet:
BioProtein Technology’s products provide our exclusive 43:1 Velvet Antler Extract which is comprised of 90% proteins. The active ingredients found in velvet antler include growth factors, minerals and trace mineral elements, protein, collagen, and glycosaminoglycans.

*This material is meant purely for informational purposes and has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
**This blog was written by an outside source. This blog does not necessarily reflect the views or positions of Natural Partners.
Written by Max B. MacCloud, DO, ND, PhD., Chief Science Officer with BioProtein Technology.
About the author: Max B. MacCloud, DO, ND, PhD., has over 35 years of experience working with patients using an Integrative Medial Approach. Dr. MacCloud understands the types of challenges practicing physicians face daily while helping patients overcome their health challenges. He brings his considerable, diverse experience from the arenas of Nutrition, Fitness, Alternative Medicine, Performance Enhancement, Non-Surgical Orthopedics & Rehabilitative Medicine, Anti-Aging (he prefers the term Healthy Age Management & Regenerative Medicine), and Weight Management. A lifetime athlete and perennial student of all things health-related, Max is committed to helping people attain and maintain their health goals. He is delighted to be part of the BioProtein team to help inform physicians of the many benefits of DAV and their other great products.