The Paleo diet essentially is based upon the foods early humans were presumed to eat including clean, local seasonal meats, fish, vegetables, and fruits, excluding processed foods, grains, legumes and dairy. This, of course, is interpreted in different ways for different people but what holds true? Eat like a caveman.
This diet is proving to be a “healthy way of life” by taking out the typical culprits in an American diet, mostly processed, low nutrient density and refined sugar foods to be exact. Many diets consider grains and legumes healthy and while they may be, they are also known for sparking inflammatory responses such as peanuts and oats. The jury is still out, but many are finding they feel better without them and it’s easier to lose weight.
Coffee is a global staple and no matter where you are, everyone has it and does it different. The Paleo diet is no exception. You can have your coffee and drink it too. Also known as “bulletproof” coffee, not only does it come out frothy and creamy, it is very filling and absolutely delicious.
Paleo Coffee
1 cup high quality fresh brewed fair trade coffee
1 tablespoon organic grass fed unsalted butter or cultured ghee
1 tablespoon high MCT coconut oil
Blend all ingredients until well combined in a good blender, about 30 seconds. Pour and enjoy while frothy and hot!