By Lauren Cox
Many new moms struggle with the ‘formula dilemma.’ I ran into the issue of my breast milk supply dwindling once I started my son on more solids around eight months old. By 10 months, he had actually lost a little weight and we knew we needed to supplement my breast milk and the solids he was eating with some more good calories to help him continue on the path of healthy growth and development.
The problem is, the majority of formulas available are cow’s milk and soy based as well as packed with GMO ingredients along with several unnecessary chemicals. I knew for a fact that my son did not do well with cow’s milk and I didn’t want to give him soy due to the GMO issue as well as high estrogen levels, just to mention a few of the many issues with soy.
I came across a few formula recipes that I altered to fit his needs. I would recommend finding professional quality supplements for the ingredients from manufacturers who use GMP. As he got older I found adding vanilla bean made it a yummy treat. For my little guy, a good organic goat’s milk worked great, but many babies also love coconut and hemp milks.
Here is a formula we recommend:
• 2 cups milk of choice (whichever works best for your baby)
• 1 teaspoon liquid multivitamin
• 1 tablespoon brown rice or hemp protein
• 2 teaspoons organic blackstrap molasses
• 2 scoops infant probiotic
• 1 tablespoon flax seed oil
• 200 IU liquid vitamin 2
• 1/4 teaspoon vanilla bean seed (8 months +)
Mix all ingredients in a large container until well combined, keep stored in an air-tight, sanitized container in the fridge. Shake before serving.
Introduce your baby to any new milk slowly. When I tried goat’s milk with my little one for the first time, I let him have a warm 1 oz and waited 24 hours to see if I noticed any reactions. After he was clear and happy, I tried 2 oz and observed for another 24 hours and he did just fine. Once we accomplished this, it was time to try the formula.
Its more difficult to make it at home, but you will actually save a little money and rest assured you’ll know every ingredient going into what your baby is drinking.
Remember, always consult your medical care provider before administering anything to your infant.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.