Co-authored by Americana Aulenbacher, President, Hevert USA & Kristy Anderson, ND, Hevert USA Medical Director Nature Doctors by Friedhelm Kirchfeld & Wade Boyle, NCNM Press, 2005 
At the core of Hevert’s holistic corporate philosophy is the belief that nature is its partner. This concept empowers Hevert’s ongoing interaction with nature, which provides the active ingredients used in its products.
Hevert is heavily vested in keeping nature at the core of its products. The majesty of the Nahe River is part of Hevert’s inspiration. As a river in the Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland, the Nahe wind through western Germany, a western tributary to the mighty Rhine river. It also feeds Nahe wine region situated around it and is home to some of the most breathtaking fauna and greenery in all of Europe. Nestled in this beautiful corner of the world is the sunny wine region known as Bad Sobernheim.
It is here that Pastor Emmanuel Felke, considered by many to be the father of modern complex drug naturopathy (homeopathy), established a flourishing healing oasis based upon his carefully formulated collection of therapeutic agents and systems.
A Centennial Celebration
Emmanuel Felke is credited with being the first to use complex homeopathic remedies developed by incorporating other modalities such as iridology to fine tune his homeopathic combinations. He is also credited for having achieved remarkable homeopathic success during a diphtheria epidemic in Cronenberg.
Bad Sobernheim is where Hevert was founded in 1956. Hevert’s modern products are based on the formulations of Pastor Felke’s research, and findings from some of his former students.
Felke’s eponymous work has been immortalized through statues, a school bearing his name, a museum and several exquisite spa clinics—will hold a commemorative centennial celebration in honor of Pastor Emanuel Felke.
As the father of combination homeopathy, Felke developed complex remedies that enabled individuals without extensive homeopathic training to select a medicine appropriate to their needs by focusing on indications, e.g. cough and cold.
The “X” After a Homeopathic Ingredient*
Based on Felke’s formulations, most homeopathic ingredients are dilutions of the basic substance, which may be a plant, animal or a mineral substance. The level of dilution is identified using different symbols, for example, an “X” for Decimal dilutions (1 part material/9 parts diluent) or “C” for Centesimal dilutions (1 part material/100 parts diluent).
The homeopathic remedies from Hevert Pharmaceuticals and their homeopathic ingredients are produced according to the rules of the German Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia (GHP):

  • 1X means the initial dilution of the basic substance from plant, animal or mineral origin.
  • 2X means the dilution contains 1 part of a 1X dilution and 9 parts of diluent.
  • 3X means the dilution contains 1 part of a 2X dilution and 9 parts of diluent, and so forth.

The “TM” or “MT” After a Homeopathic Ingredient
“TM” or “MT” means “Mother Tincture”, which is a special extract of plant or animal material, produced according to the rules of a homeopathic pharmacopoeia (e.g., HPUS or GHP). Most Mother Tinctures are extracts that contain about 10% of the basic substance.
Laying The Foundations for Future Naturopathy
Upon this principle of combination medicines, Emil Hevert laid the foundation of Hevert. In collaboration with alumni of the famous Pastor Felke, he created the Hevertoplexes—consisting of an ideal combination of homeopathic actives in single-dosage form. The Hevertoplexes formed the basis for subsequent successful homeopathic medicines.
Hevert manufactures over 100 products but focuses its product range in the US on the areas of stress, sinus, cold/flu, allergy, detox and other common homeopathic categories that support the US naturopathic practitioner and community.
The company is strongly committed to environmental health, corporate responsibility and continual optimization of its manufacturing methods. This includes Hevert’s manufacturing facility in Nussbaum, Germany, which runs entirely on 100% renewable solar and hydroelectric energy.
Nature is Our Partner
As Hevert grows, it will continue to improve its efforts to coexist responsibly with nature. “The Greatest Wealth is Health”—this guiding principle has long been the driving force behind Hevert’s legacy of homeopathic remedies, and continues to propel Hevert’s ongoing commitment to the development of high-quality natural medicines and devotion to the naturopathic practitioner community into the future.

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