Natural Healing for Athletes

Channing Frye Naturopathic NBA
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With National Naturopathic Medicine Week kicking off October 7th, raising awareness for natural healing and holistic lifestyles is more important than ever. The benefits of achieving good health naturally are gaining prevalence in the public eye. In fact, NBA star Channing Frye of the Phoenix Suns credits much of his recent success to naturopathy.

When doctors discovered that Frye was suffering from dilated cardiomyopathy, or an enlarged heart at a pre-training camp almost a year ago, his prospects seemed grim. "Benched indefinitely" last year, Frye is now coming back strong this season and is ready to play ball.

“It was very serious,” Frye explained, “every doctor I went to said, ‘thank God we caught it when we did.’ There could have been some serious repercussions.” With two young children at home, he needed to be in good health, and agreed to take a year off to ensure that no more damage was done to his heart.

During his treatment, Frye spent most of his time doing yoga and playing with his kids under the care of his naturopathic doctor. Restless and eager to get back on the court, he saw a slew of the best doctors in the country from Johns Hopkins and Columbia University.

He’s recently been deemed fit to play by an array of traditional doctors, as well as the Phoenix Suns’ resident physician. However, these are not the doctors he credits with his actual recovery.

It was naturopathic doctors, Frye says, who really healed him with their holistic methods. When asked if he’ll be taking any medication to assist his continued well-being, his response was emphatic: “Nope, no way.” He finds natural methods more agreeable than prescription drugs.

Frye has made such a dramatic and complete recovery through natural healing that he’ll be up to par and back on the court this season, without lingering doubts or worries. “As far as I’m concerned,” Frye said, “I’m 100% healthy for any professional athlete.”


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