By Jama Russano and Chef Lauren from Closer to Your Food



Download the infographic and share! 6 Skin Tips for Fun in the Sun

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Jama Russano has thirty-eight years of experience in the Cosmetic Industry. Understanding the Cosmetic Industry and realizing there were not many choices for clean personal care products, Jama purchased a small company and offers hormone and estrogenic-free Skin Care Products on the market today. She is committed to educating consumers on the serious side effects on estrogenic ingredients. 


Closer to Your Food is a wellness blog focused on eating and cooking for health and sustainability with recipes and lifestyle tips formulated around a plant-based diet and home-grown local foods. Chef Lauren Cox holds a B.A. from the le Cordon Bleu in Culinary Management with over 8 years of fine dining experience in private dining, catering and Michelan star restaurants. For more information, please visit and follow Closer to Your Food on Twitter and Facebook @Closer2YourFood. 

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