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Naturopathic skincare has gained greater mainstream acceptance in recent decades. Much of this acceptance is due to the changing healthcare landscape and a stronger desire among patients to incorporate a blend of ancient and contemporary healthcare techniques that specifically target individual skincare needs.

Many of people have found that herbal-based skincare products provide as good or better results than other medications, but with numerous benefits that are often missing from pharmaceutical drugs. Below are five reasons you should consider using herbal skincare products instead of other solutions:

  1. Clinically-proven. As naturopathic medicine has gained traction globally, many organizations are conducting in-depth clinical studies of herbal skincare solutions and are finding great results. Moreover, researches are discovering the mechanism of action of herbs that allows a better understanding of the herbs biological activities. These herbal-based products could be out-performing other over-the-counter and prescription solutions, while avoiding the harsh chemicals and ingredients found in non-herbal solutions.
  2. Safe for children. Because herbal-based products avoid harmful chemicals and steroids, they can be used safely by children. In many cases, these skincare products can be used on children as young as six months old, helping to soothe and relieve skin conditions and symptoms in safely and effectively.
  3. Lifetime use. As many pharmaceutical medications, such as those with steroids,can be used only for limited time, herbal-based skincare products can be used your entire life for treatment and prevention of the skin condition without the threat of harmful effects coming later.
  4. Efficacy. Since there are numerous factors to the etiology of most skin conditions, using several extracts targeting different mechanisms of action contributes to different therapeutic aspects of the disease. Synergistic activity between herbal extracts could strengthen their effects. Using the whole extract and not just a purified/synthesized ingredient could increase bioavailability and reduce the toxicity and side effects.

Can be used for numerous skin conditions. Whether you have dry, irritated, red, itchy, oily or cracked skin, herbal skincare products can help you find relief.

If you experience troubling or painful skin conditions, herbal-based skincare products may be just what you need.

By Dr. Sharon Rozenblat, Ph.D, Chief Science Officer, Kamedis Bio-Herbal Skin Care
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