When you think of heart health from a naturopathic perspective, the first thing you might think of could be Omega oils, CoQ10 and maybe Magnesium. Did you know however that there are some easy and natural ways to support your heart health along with a good supplement protocol? These are our best healthy heart lifestyle tips that you probably didn’t associate with heart health until now!

Switch up your exercise routine-
Exercising in the first place is the most important step to a healthy heart, but sometimes if you stick the the same workout and keep it static, you will start to benefit less from a cardiovascular perspective over time. Keeping your workouts dynamic or changing is key to keeping your heart rate adjusting, which in turn can tone cardiac tissue leaving you with a happy healthy heart.

Focus on heart openers-
If you’re a yogi, you probably know what we’re talking about. Heart openers are called that for a reason, they are specific yoga poses that can “expand and open” the heart. There is of course an emotional and physical component to this practice, but to an outsider looking in, these poses would look like good chest stretches. These poses include ones like, cow pose, camel pose, dancer pose, and half moon. Most of them incorporate some sort of back bend component. To keep your heart open and strong, try a series of heart opener poses in your daily routine.

Keep the relationships healthy-
Did you know that bad relationships not only emotionally hurt your heart, but can cause it physical harm as well? A study conducted over a 6 year span showed that men who were in deteriorating relationships also suffered an average 2.74 rise in blood pressure.

-Hit the sauna
A recent Finnish study showed that on average, a 30 minute trip to the sauna showed many of the same effects as exercising by dropping blood pressure, softening artery “stiffness”, and moderately raising heart rate. While you should still exercise, hitting the sauna can be an easy and relaxing way to improve heart health.

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