Probiotics in the Summer Heat

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 Probiotics in the summer heat

As you know, probiotics are some of the most heat temperate items in our industry. Excessive levels of heat can kill the live active cultures in most probiotics and even moderate heat can cause them to lose potency. With that in mind, we at Natural Partners take extra steps to make sure the probiotics we sell maintain the highest possible quality. Shipping probiotics in the summer heat isn’t exactly the easiest task, but we tackle it like any other obstacle that is presented to us.

Our warehouse is located in the scorching desert of Scottsdale, Arizona, which can easy see temperatures of over 110 degrees during the summer. In order to ensure that our probiotics are not affected by these temperatures during shipping to our warehouse, we order and receive in our probiotics before the summer starts. Once we receive the probiotics, they are kept in our cooler room to ensure they remain potent.

When you order the product, it is promptly picked by our warehouse associates and placed in a freezer bag with an ice pack. This ensures the viability of the product as it is shipped across the country to your front door. When you receive the product, the ice pack may be melted, but it will have done its job of keep the active cultures alive.

On top of all this, some of our vendors play their part in protecting your probiotics by providing heat resistant packaging and adding overages to their products. This means that even if a few thousand live cultures are lost along the journey, the potency listed on the product will still be accurate, if not lower than the actual number of live cultures in the probiotic.

We take all these extra steps and work with our vendor partners to bring you the best possible products because we know how important your health is. At Natural Partners, we thrive off making sure you get the highest quality available with excellent customer service to boot.

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